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Dare to Lead Video Series: {Part 1}

November 13, 2018

"Clear is kind." - Brené Brown


I've been reading Brown's newest book, Dare to Lead, and it's fantastic. Highly recommend it. In the book, she talks about clarity in communication and uses that phrase - "Clear is kind," often.


It seems so simple, but yet we often don't communicate with clarity. I'm going to digest some of my biggest takeaways in a short-form video series; here's the first 2-minute digest of the concept with an analogy.




Also, this has gotten me thinking about how "Clear is kind," has applications outside of just your relationships and interpersonal communication. It can also be applied to your marketing messaging and your brand. Are you being clear in communicating what you do, how you do it and why you do it?


Food for thought...what do you think about this concept, and/or how do you practice clarity? As with my analogy in the video, how do you communicate when to shift?

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