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Minimize to Maximize: An Introduction to the Mantra

December 13, 2018

Y'all. My new mantra for now, 2019 and beyond is here.


Minimize to Maximize.


What do I mean by this?


It's about letting go of the things you are spending your time and energy on (that don't give you oxygen) in order to maximize in the areas that do.


I'll be bringing a series of examples in the coming year. To kick it off, I share with you how I've honed the craft of gaining efficiency in my learning in efforts to extend my thinking.


By minimizing and letting go of the mindset that I have to sit down with a paper book in hand, in order to read, I've focused on the art of listening. And, it's rocked my world and completely changed how I learn and find "pockets of time" to feed my curiosity and give me oxygen.






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